Mack Hagood

Mack Hagood is Robert H. and Nancy J. Blayney Associate Professor of Media and Communication at Miami University. He does ethnographic and archival research in digital media, sound technologies, disability, and popular music. His book Hush: Media and Sonic Self-Control (Duke, 2019), presents a sixty-year history of audio media designed to create “safe spaces” for their users: white noise machines, tinnitus maskers, nature sound apps, and noise-canceling headphones. Hush rethinks commonplace definitions of media and argues that our efforts to shield ourselves can also decrease our tolerance for sonic and social difference. Hagood has studied Taiwanese indie rock (Folklore Forum), noise-canceling headphones in air travel (American Quarterly), Foley and digital film sound (Cinema Journal), and crowd noise in sports telecasts (Popular Communication). His work appears in volumes such as Disability Media Studies (NYU, 2017) and Appified (Michigan, 2018). Hagood is also the producer and host of Phantom Power, a podcast on sound in arts and culture.