We do not provide lodging, but a wide variety of accommodations are available in Seoul. Listed below are hotels within easy reach of the conference venue. Please note that we do not have an arrangement with any of these hotels, and the information is given only as a suggestion.


Gwanghwamun area
Located in the center of Kangbuk district (north of the Han River or Hangang) in Seoul, Gwanghwamun area is a wonderful place where traditions and moderns coexist. It has good access to visit many tourist attractions such as palaces and museums. It takes about 25 minutes from Gangwhamun Station to Hanyang Univ. Station by Subway line no 2. Taxi fare would be around KRW12,000 depending on the traffic conditions.


 Dongdaemun area
Dongdaemun area is know for traditional markets and fashion malls, which attract shoppers from all over the world. It is a relatively short distance from Hanyang University and takes about 20 minutes by subway.


Wangsimni and Seongu area
Wangsimni, where Hanyang University is located, and Seongsu area is in the east side of Seoul. There are Seoul Forest and Hangang river nearby. You can find some budget hotels with good price and convenience.